A Lesson Plan For A Teacher

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Every teacher is responsible for planning what will be taught to their students every week. Each day the students will have certain activities and work that all comes together under the same category. This is what is called lesson plans, and they are a very important part of keeping the class together and also help the teacher stay organized. There are many different ways in which one can set up their lesson plans, but it is very important to have them done the correct way rather than the wrong way to get the full benefit from them. I was able to find two different lesson plans that represent the correct way and also the wrong way. The correct one I was able to find on and the other one I found on Each one was created for the beneficial knowledge of the student, however they are very different and only one will help them obtain that knowledge. The first lesson plan that I found on was a very simple lesson plan, which appears to be more of an agenda with different times with each activity. The lesson is supposed to be directed for a class of “junior beginners” and is meant to cover a grammar lesson along with spelling and vocabulary. However everything is done in unrealistic time frames. All the activities are between 5 to 20 minutes each. Since the subject being taught is grammar and vocabulary, there is an assignment for a spelling game, but it is only for 10 minutes. There is also a grammar point explanation that is only 2-3

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