A Reflection On The And Quality Time

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(a) Reflection Question: During lunch, on one afternoon that I was observing, after the meal was passed out among the toddlers, the caregiver simply sat back and watched what took place. She only added to the babbling conversation going on when one of the toddlers signed to her that he wanted more fruit. He asked and she gave him some. The toddler benefited greatly from this interaction. The group of children were independently making decisions and were not being told what to eat or when to eat it. Instead, they got to eat what they wanted, how the wanted to, and took as long as needed, as long as they were being safe. The benefits of this balance of independence and quality time is that it builds trust between the toddlers and their caregivers. It also demonstrates to the child what the routine of the activity is without being too strict in enforcement. (b) Reflection Question: Two children were pulling on opposite ends of a toy and becoming increasingly frustrated with one another. As they pulled the toy back and forth between the, they both showed more and more signs of increasing annoyance and upset behavior. A teacher intervened and stepped in to solve the problem. She sat down next to the children, put her hands on top of theirs, and said “OK, I see that you want the piano but (child’s name) was using it. Let’s see if we can find you another toy until she is done. The child who she was directing the conversation to became upset and began to cry. The caregiver
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