A Report On The Cruise Sector

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The study in this report will confirm that the cruise sector is an important part of the tourism industry in New Zealand. The sector creates significant inflows of foreign expenditure which impacts positively on the New Zealand economy.
The level of activity within the sector has grown rapidly in the past decade and is expected to continue growing, although at a more subdued level. The pace and scale of growth has caused concerns to be raised about the ability of New Zealand to capitalise on this influx currently and in the long term, as there are issues around capacity in some essential services for the sector.

In New Zealand cruising is the fastest-growing tourism sector and has huge potential, because of the country’s popularity as a destination skyrocketing and increase in the tourist attraction. The numbers of passengers have growing by more than 250 percent in last five years. As the industry grows in New Zealand it constantly stimulates new activity and initiatives. Many ports around the country are improving their facilities to handle cruise ships. There has been a commensurate increase in international flights with passengers either joining or leaving a cruise ship in New Zealand. There is also now a dedicated cadet training programme in New Zealand, which allows navigation and engineering officer graduates to move directly into cruise related employment. In addition, cruise lines are visiting hospitality schools and technical…
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