A Report On The Hyde Park Office

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This case was last before the court on 1/4/2017 for a report to the court. The hearing was rescheduled until 2/6/2017, as all the attorneys were not present. At that time, temporary custody of Issac Johnson remained with the Department. The case was continued until 2/6/2017 for a status report. ACTIVITIES SINCE THE LAST COURT DATE: On 9/20/2016, Issac was placed in a kinship foster placement with the paternal aunt after a waiver was completed. A referral was done for a home study to the DCF Hyde Park Office on 9/23/2016 and the home study was assigned to Ms. Jeannie Serrano. Jeannie Serrano from the Hyde Park Office had been out to the home and made recommendations to foster mother about the home. During the home study and …show more content…

There have been no concerns regarding eating. Foster mother reported Issac does well with sleeping with the exception of the evening after a supervised visit. Foster mother reports Issac wakes up screaming and crying several times during the night. Foster mother also reported Issac does not like to take a bath and will cry when he is placed in the tub. Issac is currently receiving Early Intervention services through Bay State Early Intervention. Issac services include speech therapy weekly as well as physical therapy. Issac talking has increased and he is repeating what is being said by others. Issac exhibits delays in all areas personal-social, communication, motor, and cognitive skills. An average child scores between 85 and 115 in developmental areas and Issac scored between 55 and 77. Issac is toilet trained. There are two other children in the home and Issac interacts well with them and enjoys playing with another child who is his own age. VISITATIONS: Krystal Cuvellier has had no contact with Issac as the terms of bail from Lynn District Court include a no contact order with her son Issac. James Johnson had weekly supervised visits with Issac at the Cambridge DCF Office. James is always on time for visits and will bring Issac lunch when he comes for the visit. James brings gifts of toys and clothing for Issac and celebrated Christmas with Issac at the office. Issac and James engage in imaginary

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