A Step On The Right Direction With Computer Science

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Rachel Thomas
Composition I
3 December 2015
A Step in the Right Direction with Computer Science
In the hospital, a mother of 3 is found to have a pre-cancerous tumor lurking in her pancreases that could have progressed to a deadly stage if not removed promptly. Through the use of the hospital’s robotic surgical system, it was able to successfully remove the tumor allowing this mother to return home to her family. This was made possible because of the advances in computer science; Computer science is the scientific and useful way to deal with computation and its applications. The study of computer science itself studies various conditions of the use of programming languages, complex systems and artificial intelligence. Human–computer interaction considers the challenges in making computers useful, usable, and universally accessible to humans. In today’s world, as technology is rapidly perfected, society as a whole needs to incorporate the latest advances in technology that make one’s life more efficient, convenient, and useful in their everyday lives.
For example, the blending of inventive innovations with scientific discoveries relating to the brain opens better approaches for taking care of data, treating sicknesses, and perhaps making robots with human qualities. Over the past century, we have aided our vision and hearing with lenses and amplifiers. “During the next century, we will probably replace eyes and ears with light and sound detectors and computer chips that send…
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