A Strong Leader Always Come Up With Great Ideas.The First

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A strong leader always come up with great ideas. The first step is to implement that great idea by assembling an effective team to bring it together, and to create a successful business venture. To separate the strong leaders from the weak ones, the strong leaders have the ability to successfully execute a plan. A strong leader tends to possess certain qualities, including honesty, positive attitudes, commitment, inspire, delegate, confidence, and communication. Moreover, leaders should be able to strategize and organize a plan effectively in order for their organization to be successful in the healthcare industry. Sunrise Senior Living is a competitor of MorseLife. Similar problems as MorseLife, Sunrise weak leadership and lack of …show more content…

To ensure sustained development of an organization, it is important to understand why some healthcare organizations are more successful than others. Moreover, to determine the success of an organization depends on the absence or presence of strategic planning (Wang, Walker & Redmond, 2011). Strategic planning is about competitive advantage (with a sustainable edge over other organizations), set goals that can be achieve, develop and implement a plan, and allocate resources necessary for these goals. Generally, strategic planning is more common in people who are better performance, and are more likely to achieve higher sales growth, employee growth, returns, and profit. In order for a plan to succeed, top management of any organizations must play an important role in the process of formulating and implementing strategies. A strategic plan is a useful tool that will help guide any organizations toward a goal. Especially in healthcare organization, it is crucial for an organization to thoroughly understand the conceptual aspects of strategic planning in order for it to be effectively implemented such as success in operations, expansions, and profitability (Wang, Walker & Redmond, 2011). Regardless of how much effort organizations invest in developing strategic plans, it appears that they often do not work. According to Johnson’s survey, “there are five main reasons that organizations fail” (2016). In order to proactively avoid problems, the purpose of

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