A Study On The Micro Brewing Industry

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Develop the Experience The micro brewing industry emerged because people wanted to promote the production of better quality beer, as opposed to the mass-produced beers that dominated markets (Eberts, 2007). Bench Brewing perfectly captures this with their product and the ingrained values of their company: making fresh beer by using the agriculture around them. In order for Bench Brewing company to provide a memorable visitor experience and create brand advocates, they must develop the experience. The ‘Raw to Refined’ experience should comprise of a walking tour of the Bench Brewing grounds and finish in a seated tasting room. Leveraging the agricultural aspect of the brewing process is imperative throughout the tour because of Bench’s …show more content…

From there, the tour can lead into the facility where the brewing process begins. To ensure that the tour guide does not overload the visitors with information and still retain the interest of those who are perhaps not as well-versed in brewing, speaking in simple terms will ensure inclusivity and accessibility. Bench could also invite the visitors to smell the various components during the brewing process. One example is the coolship section; guests should be able to see the coolship in action while the tour guide explains the process of spontaneous fermentation. The tour guide can also describe how these local yeasts provide terroir and are unique to the region, which allows for a distinct flavour to develop in each brew. Afterwards, visitors can see the ‘foeders’ and learn a little bit more about barrel aging beer and the incredible amounts of volume that Bench can process.

At the end of the tour, the visitors can be asked to fill out a newsletter or email opt-in about updates from the brewery. By this point, the visitors will settle in the tasting room at the picnic tables, where a tasting room staff could come by and engage the visitors in conversation to identify their needs and interests. Establishing a meaningful relationship can lead to ongoing relationship activities and spur visitors to make a return visit (Carlsen & Boksberger, 2015). Another aspect of importance is how the farms and

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