Abstract:. Diffusion Occurs As Passive Transport In Cells

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Abstract: Diffusion occurs as passive transport in cells through a selectively permeable membrane. In this experiment, the membrane that was used was dialysis tubing. The questions this experiment modeled were, which solutions would diffuse and what molecules were small enough to diffuse through the selected membranes. When the experiment concluded, the data supported which solutions diffused and at what rate they diffused. It is discussed that the permeability of a solute across a membrane is affected differently from method to method. Each process has comparable variables that will affect the rate or ability to diffuse, but some require more work, energy, or other substances needed to allow diffusion to occur.
Diffusion is
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Will increasing the concentration of the same solution influence the rate of diffusion, was asked and hypothesized that the rate of diffusion will increase at higher concentrations. However, it is not believed that the higher concentrations will influence diffusion in a membrane that a solution can not fit through.
Materials and methods:
The materials used in this lab were, two glass beakers, four dialysis membranes: 20 (MWCO), 50 (MWCO), 100 (MWCO), and 200 (MWCO), a membrane holder, a membrane barrier, four solutes: NaCl, Urea, Albumin, and Glucose, a solution dispenser, deionized water, a timer, and a beaker flush. The four dialysis membranes are placed between the beakers and during each trial, certain concentrations are increased by adding one of the four solutes in the left beaker. Deionized water is added to the right beaker and replaced before the next test. A timer is adjusted to 60 minutes and the barrier between the beaker descends, allowing the solutions in each beaker to have access to the dialysis membrane separating them. The concentration is checked at the end of the 60-minute period indicating diffusing from the left to right or vice versa. If diffusion occurs in the experiment, repeat with the same membrane and change the concentrations. If no diffusion occurred, continue to the next sized membrane.
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