Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Advertising In Promoting Products to Consumers

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Introduction In today’s world, everything is more convenient and accessible for everyone due to advances in technologies. With the help of computers and internet that is being used by people of all ages, there is an increase in number of the World Wide Web users worldwide. Internet plays a very significant role in everyone’s life most especially to business minded people. Business companies need to promote their products. In order for those companies endorse and sell products, they need to have a good marketing strategy. This is the time wherein they need to advertise it. Advertising comes in many ways. However internet advertising is one of the modern and easiest ways of advertising a certain product. This study was made to identify the advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising. It could somehow help business people and even marketing management students. It is because nowadays more and more people were involved in internet advertising. This will help them to gain a deeper knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising. This study will probably help marketing students in their future career because someday they will be exposing in the field of advertising wherein they might use internet in promoting a certain product. This research aims to know the main advantage and disadvantage of internet advertising in promoting products to consumers.

The respondents for this study were Marketing
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