Advantages and Disadvantages of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

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In this essay I will be discussing Service Oriented Architecture. As part of that I will write about the terms Web Service, Service Oriented Architecture and SOAP. I will list some advantages and disadvantages of SOA as well as the technology involved in using SOA and the standard syntax and operation employed in such a system. I will close this essay by writing about a company that could take advantage of the Service Oriented Architecture.
Web Services

The World Wide Web Consortium is the main international criteria organization for the World Wide Web. They set the standard for web mark-up languages and web services worldwide. W3C describe web services as a means for two electronic devices to communication via …show more content…

This enables software to derive some of its functionality from other applications, hence being service-oriented applications.
Properties of a service-oriented architecture:
• Self-contained web service: The client should contain no services itself and no additional software. The use of a programming language that can access a server should be enough.

• Self-describing web service: The data being handled should be self-describing. No additional software should be used to decode data being handled. The client only retrieves from the server.
• Follow strict standards: XML and HTTP being the most common basis for web services.

• Programmatic access to data: SOA provides data at the most simple level. No GUI should be provided.

• Language-independent web services: The client that is using the web services of a server do not have to be on the same platform or be using the same language. Standard transfer protocols are used to send and receive data.
In order for a system to resourcefully use SOA, it must meet the following standards:
• In service oriented architecture, services are independent elements of functionality.

• Interoperability among different systems and programming languages that delivers the foundation for integration between applications on a diverse range of platforms through a communications protocol

• Clear-cut descriptive language. To use services from a provided system by clearly defined

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