After The Holidays And Winter Break, Most College Students

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After the holidays and winter break, most college students are getting ready to head back to campus for our next semester. And most of us spent a lot of money on break, so we are looking for ways to save some cash. Here are some helpful tips! -Don 't buy your books on campus Many places have them for cheaper, and used, online. Abe Books has a great selection of textbooks for 50-75% cheaper than your local campus bookstore. is also another good option. Plus, when you shop of you can see seller 's ratings, since it is a sister company of Ebay. That way you know you are getting a good deal from a reliable seller. Also try Amazon. The key to getting the right book online is checking with used sellers to make sure they have …show more content…

Apple TV: There is no limit on the quantity of Apple TV purchases per academic year 7. iPod: There is no limit on the quantity of iPod purchases per academic year -Save on software and hardware for your computer There are several sites online that let you get software for cheaper. Try Student Discounts or Gradware. Campus Tech offers both hardware and software. You can get anything from flash drives to Photoshop there. -Check around your campus Most campuses have their own student discount cards to save money in the bookstore, cafeteria, and at local businesses like salons. Also, check the bulletin boards on campus for savings on books and other used items. You 'd be surprised what other people are selling on the boards for great prices!
Sheena Pegarido, a 21-year-old communications major, spends her days in class at the University of North Florida, in Jacksonville, Fla. Between school, her part-time job and her extracurricular activities she says she doesn 't even have time to even think about dating. "It 's hard because relationships require a lot of time and attention," Sheena said. "But I heard the best place to meet someone is in the campus library." She is not the only student who feels this way about dating. Many college students find it hard to juggle their social life with school and work. Being in school makes their time short and money tight. Not only is it hard to find the time to date while in college, but it 's a

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