Alban Group Sells Famous Electronic Appliances Across Sri Lanka.

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Abans Group - Abans Private Limited
Integrated in 1981, Abans Private Limited is the important trading support of the Abans Group. It represents world famous brands in electronic home appliances, crockery and cookware, sanitary and light fittings and a host of other household items that make Sri Lankan people's lives easier and better.
Be the Soundest and most trusted financial solutions provider in the industry.
Abans Private Limited currently have a network of over 230 showrooms across Sri Lanka. Abans also have more than 400 authorized dealers representing them in the remotest rural areas bringing their products within reach of each family and every household in the country. All products sold by Abans
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Abans and Softlogic are the other two players operating a chain of outlets in this industry. All players put together, over 3000 outlets of consumer electronic product stores at operation. By looking at the rural retail market there are several other competitors such as Crown, Dilshan traders and Seetha traders. Most of these major players such as Singer and Softlogic have already implemented e learning systems and this have helped them reach greater heights in both industry wide as well as in building good customer relationships.
The Sri Lankan customer has been affected by Western lifestyles and thus now requests more amazing accommodation. To suites these needs of the customers, Abans needs to train their staff. One of the latest ways to train their staff is by implementing the e learning system. (Sri Lanka targets more electronic exports by 2020, 2009)
Current Method and Training and Development in the Organization
The current training and development that is taking place at Abans retail is described below.
Retail Point of Sale
The point of sale (POS) is where customers pay for purchases. Retail Training can cover aspects of POS handling including the operation of equipment, how to perform transactions, complete sales and package goods. Efficient points of sale handling procedures.
Interacting With Customers
What many retailers fail to realize though is that there are
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