Amedisys Group Structure

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Amedisys is known for being a frontrunner agency. Amedisys is divided up into two departments, home health and hospice (Amedisys , 2014). The department of the agency that I am working with is Amedisys hospice. Amedisys is a bureaucratic company on many different levels. A Bureaucratic agency can be defined as, “management or administration marked by hierarchical authority among numerous offices and by fixed procedures” (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 2011). There is a formal structure in the company and in each department. There are rules and expectations set for each department. There are strict policies for what each worker can do. Policies are not only set for workers, but for the patients too. Amedisys has certain…show more content…
If not, they can be released from the program. The “power” of the organization lies in the hands of the CEO, Paul Kusserow, and the board of directors (Amedisys , 2014). The heads of each department are required to pass down policies and laws of the company. They are expected to carry out rules and hold the lower ranking workers to those rules and standards.
When walking up to Amedisys you see a brand new office building with fairly new vehicles parked all around. The only way to get through the front door is to have a code to unlock the door. This automatically gives you a sense of security that you are safe with them. Once you enter the building, you walk right into the office. The walls of the office are not overly decorated. There are awards on the wall that the office has received. On one wall there is a memorial wall for patients that have recently passed. The walls covered pictures, cards, and newspaper articles. Everyone’s offices are decorated independently. There are personal awards, thank you cards, calendar boards, family photos, and clocks, typical office decoration. Even the nurse’s cubicles are decorated. Their desks are very simple. They have a computer and a phone. The
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Everyone in the office has known set guideline of what their daily tasks that they are to complete. I think this is attributed to such the calm mood in the office. There are times that things can get hectic and, usually during our morning meetings, but after that the mood dissolve and disappear. There is a front desk as you walk in the front door, since I have started at the agency there is no one there. For the most part there is no need for a receptionist. None of our clients physically come into our offices. We go to them, in the comfort of their home. This is because our clients are our clients because of terminal or chronically ill patients. We are there to provide a comfortable life. With there being so many workers in and out of the office, whoever is working from the office, becomes the receptionist. I’m defining the Receptionist role as answering the phone. Our phones ring constantly. When our patients have questions, are concerns, it is the quickest way to get a hold of us. While each of the workers who visit the patients has a cell the office is also another way of contacting us. It is fundamentally important that our patients and patient’s families can always get in contact with us. We as a company are literally a phone call away and when patients need us, we are there as soon as possible. Communication in the office is completed in several different ways. There are emails, face to face contact, and phone
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