An Analytical Study Of Popular Biometric Tools And Impacting Factors Essay

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An Analytical Study of Popular Biometric Tools and Impacting Factors.
Biometric tools have adapted and been refined with related research. This paper’s aim is to try to discover any key Biometric tools during a specific time. Content analysis was utilized on scholarly research from the field of Biometrics, trying to discover any patterns within scholarly publications. Specifically, are there any trends in different types of Biometric tools? Another key research question is are there any impacting factors or Biometric tools?
Biometric identification has long been used by humans for thousands of years. This recognition relies on certain body characteristics such as voice, face and movement. Body identification was first implemented by Alphonse Bertillon, in the Paris Police department in the mid19th century, to identify criminal body measurements (Jain, Ross and Prabhakar 2004). Later, a discovery of the individuality of fingerprints, was a significant discovery. This progressed into Police officers “booking” criminals fingerprints for identification. From the earlier time of biometric techniques to today’s modern times, due to primarily the rapid development of technology, biometric research has focused on other biometric attributes.
An analytical tool primarily, content analysis, will be implemented to analysis a data set of scholarly literature from the Scopus database. Content analysis can provide a more summative and broader snapshot of such
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