An Assignment On Operation Management Essay

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An assignment On Operation Management Submitted by: Submitted to: Date of submission: Table of Contents Executive Summary: 3 Introduction: 4 WH Smith 4 Reasons for selecting WH Smith as the selected organization: 4 1.1 Importance of operation management: 4 1.2 Operation management of an organization: 5 1.3 Process model for operation management: 6 2.2 Importance of Three E’s: 6 Economy: 6 Effectiveness: 7 Effectiveness: 7 2.2 Impact of tension on cost and quality: 7 2.3 Significance of five performance objectives: 7 Reducing Cost: 7 Digitalization: 7 Reaching More Customers: 7 Promotional Campaign: 8 Focusing on efficiency: 8 3.1 Linear programming that adds value to the production process: 8 Utilization of Linear Programming is WH Smith operation: 8 3.2 Critical path analysis and networking plan: 8 3.3 Need for operational planning and control: 9 4.1 Operational outcome of an organization: 9 Drawing in more number of customers: 9 Drawing in teen customers: 9 Making the items effortlessly accessible: 9 4.2 Network plan that produce the critical path: 9 EARLIEST START TIME 11 LATEST FINISH TIME 12 THE CRITICAL PATH 12 THE FLOAT 13 4.3 Quality management that applied to improve operation: 14 Conclusion: 14 Bibliography: 15 Executive Summary: Operations management is a territory of management concerned with administering, planning, and controlling the methodology of generation and overhauling business operations in the creation of merchandise or
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