An Interview With Manu Varma, People Person At Traction On Demand

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I had an information interview with Manu Varma, People Person at Traction On Demand on December 4, 2015. Traction On Demand is a cloud consulting firm and is one of the largest cloud based consulting firm in Canada. They have worked with more than 500 companies, half of the 25 largest global technology firms and have been involved in over 1700 projects. My first impression about the company is that the company has a relaxed office environment with a very modern and welcoming decoration. The person I interview, Manu Varma, is a VP Human Resource of the company. Below are some of the questions I was able to ask during our fifteen minutes interview.

Why is your title People Person?
Manu’s response was that he did not like the sound of VP HR because it sounds too political and gives employees a feeling that he is in a high up position and not easily approachable. Therefore, Manu changed the title from VP Human Resource to People Person in order to created a more approachable impression to the employees.

What are the typical duties of your position?
Manu said that his main duty is office happiness management. He believes that happiness is the best way to motivate employees. For example, the day when I had the information interview, all the employees were going on a Christmas trip over the weekend, and Manu was in charge of the event.

How do most people get into this kind of work?
As a People Person at Traction On Demand, Manu looks for any person who has good

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