An Organizational Change at the MRI Department of the Al Amiri Hospital

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Introduction The healthcare system in Kuwait is known to be one of the best in the region. The Al Amiri hospital in Kuwait is particularly well known for its efficient MRI department that has proved to be of great benefit for the local people of Kuwait. It should be noted here that this hospital did not always have such an efficient system of providing diagnostic imaging modalities, but over the years many strategic changes were made in the department to make it one of the most successful ones in the region. The kind of healthcare facilities that are provided by the hospitals in Kuwait in general and Al Amiri hospital in particular are comparable to those that are provided to the patients in the UK or USA. It has only been possible because these hospitals have imported state of the art machinery and equipment that is required for MRI and other radiological imaging. Moreover, doctors from all over the world including the Europe, USA, UK, India and Middle East have flown in to Kuwait and have been working here for years to make the healthcare system a successful one. MRI is not an uncommon procedure these days, but what makes this department of the Al Amiri hospital so efficient and beneficial for the doctor-patient relationship is the fact that it has been well integrated with the other systems of the hospital. This implies that the hospital administration has developed an IT system through which all the departments have been integrated. Therefore, the surgeons, physicians

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