Analysis Of Disney 's Leadership And Organizational Model

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Introduction The following sections focus on key questions and business strategic analysis concerning The Disney Company, an American diversified Multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquarter at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California (Wikipedia, 2017). This analysis is based on a 2009 case study of Disney as to the strategic challenges the company is facing at the time. Key Strategic Issues and Opportunities When examining the Disney case using internal and external analysis, a key area of opportunity exists within the Disney organization itself, specifically in its leadership and organizational model. This is highlighted in three key areas: the social complexity of the business leadership, the business…show more content…
As the company expanded, Katzenburg added to this factor to some degree with his focus in the movie division. Again, this quality, based on a complement of unique skills and perspectives at the executive level created a competitive advantage that made it difficult for the competition to duplicate and was a chief factor in Disney’s early success during the Eisner years. What highlights this affect is not so much the success of Disney during these periods, but its failures. In both eras, when one part of the management dynamic was lost, Disney’s profit and direction faltered. After Walt and Roy Disney’s death, the company entered a downward spiral and almost sold out. In Eisner’s case, after the death of Wells, which was a temperate force for the duo, the management team that lead to previous successes was lost. Katzenberg, though successful in the movie channel, was at odds with Eisner and eventual left the company. Though Eisner has been given credit for Disney’s past successes, it was the complex nature of relationships and functions of the executive management team that significantly contributed to a sustainable competitive advantage for the Disney Company. THE DISNEY CULTURE Between the early year of the Disney Company up to Eisner’s lead, the creative work environment of the company was considered of primary importance as a strategic advantage. However, the underlying cultural aspects of this quality is an internal factor the company should align to

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