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Nunnelee Week 2 Homework MG401 Chap. 3 & 4 (1) Identify and discus each of the traits that emerged from Kirkpatrick and Locke’s (1991) review. What reason can you apply as to how and why each of these traits is important? Drive: Aspect of drive characteristics includes ambition, achievement, tenacity, initiative, and energy. These aspects act in combination as a conclusive trait that supports high-level effort, or drive. Drive is important, in that in order for leaders to be successful, they must have a willingness, desire, and energy to identify, pursue, achieve, and improve in order to set vision and obtain goals, overcoming resistance, obstacles, or challenges (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991). Drive is the first thing, in my opinion, that sets leaders apart from others. Without drive, one remains content to be a follower and part of the crowd. Leadership motivation: This characteristic is important, in that it defines a leader from a follower in that the leader is motivated to accept authority and the responsibilities that come with it, both positive and negative. This motivation is defined by two types of power motivation, personalized motive, and socialized motive. Personalized motive suggest the needs for control and absolute power motive only for one’s own self-fulfillment, and develops co-dependent followers; socialized motivation suggests broader views, accomplishment for the overall goal and organization, and independent, strong followers developed by trust and
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