Analysis Of The Book ' The Night '

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The story is set in modern time and it is almost opposite from the original story. The story starts with Dr. Watson having a dream about the war and his living style. It then shows three victims getting picked off one by one. The police are having a media conference call and every time the cops say something not true a text is sent. Every text from the phone pops up as a written title what is being said. Watson does meet up with an old friend that introduces him to Holmes in the lab at the hospital. Watson sees the place but is not sure about living with him. Despite the fact he still joins Holmes at the murder scene of the fourth victim. It is a woman dressed in pink and no blood at the crime scene. The word “Rache” is carved in the floor by the woman. Holmes thinks it is for the name Rachel while everyone else believes it the is German word for revenge. By the science of deduction he learns that the woman and was poison and was traveling because parts of her was wet when it did not rain in London the night before. He then notices her suitcase is missing and this was the murders mistake. Holmes leaves quickly and leaves Watson alone at the crime scene. He heads to the main road to get a taxi. As he walks down the road he notices the phones keep ringing has he passes them. Finally he picks one up and is told he is being watched by the cameras and to get in the car. The car takes him to a warehouse where he thinks he meets Holmes arch enemy asking him to spy on Holmes for

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