Analysis Of Tony Watson As An Organization Essay

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The focus of this essay, management, was defined by Tony Watson as “managing is organizing: pulling things together and along in a general direction to bring about long term organizational survival” (David Needle 2015). Successful management does not come from one process or action; it is generally seen as improving or getting the best possible performance from an employee / a group of employees. This could be getting the highest possible productivity per worker in a factory for example, or alternatively ensuring that brilliant customer service is provided to a customer. The view on the stance which a successful manager should take ranges from F. W. Taylors (1991) scientific management theory with managers taking an authoritative stance, all the way through to theories and concepts from Elton Mayo (Needle 2015) and Maslow (Berl, R, Williamson, N, & Powell, T 1984) respectively arguing and showing the benefits of a more influential manager who builds relationships with their staff and helps them to meet their basic, psychological and sell fulfilment needs.
In this essay, I am going to investigate how influential management differs from authoritative management and the variations in the effect they have on the performance of the staff, and thus the success (or lack of it) in both the short and long run. I will attempt to also see if there’s a relationship between those being managed in different ways furthering their skillsets and opportunities for promotions.
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