Analysis Of ''mericans' By Sandra Cisneros

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“´Mericans” by Sandra Cisneros was a very straight forward literary work. The reader gets a strong sense of the setting in the first few lines of the story when Cisneros begins to use Spanish words and phrases. Just by reading the Spanish words, images, smells, and feelings come to a readers mind. For example, when I read Spanish words I think of warmth, cinnamon, and chili peppers. Also, based on the title of the text and the first few sentances I deduced that the story would be about an Americanized-Mexican family, and therefore began to think of the conflicts that could result within this family. This made me curious and drew me into the text. In the first paragraph of the story, a classic church scene is described establishing the location of the setting. As the story continues, readers get the impression that the family does not have very much money because of the way the different characters are described and because the narrator says, “We can not spend our allowance on fried cookies or Familia Burron comic books or those clear cone-shaped suckers.” These are all items that do not cost much money and therefore, readers assume that the children receive a very small allowance. Readers get an even stronger sense of the setting of the inside of the church when the author states that the grandmother “disappeared behind the heavy leather outer curtain and the dusty velvet inner”. Readers begin to understand that the narrator views the church as a gloomy, old, stale place,

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