Analyzing Market Trends And Developments

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Interpret market trends and developments

Subject: Analysing the market report for TOP Take Away Restaurant
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Referring to the matter, kindly find this email with the report of market analysis for your further review. Kindly drop comments for any areas that need to be improve.
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Assessment Task 2: Project – Market analysis

Restaurant businesses has always been known to be a competitive industry with many variations, which range from small, family owned to large inter-chain franchises throughout the world with many years of experience. Today I would like to make a short review on one of the business which is related to …show more content…

• Analyse the market performance of existing and potential competitors on business and their products and services to determine the possible opportunities or threats in market.
• Analyse the market performance and information from all extents of the business to decide the accomplishment of marketing exercises.
• Identify over-performing and under/low performing goods and services that need to considered for redevelopment or withdrawal for better performance.
• Estimate and forecast existing and developing business sector needs based on the data that available using any forecasting methods.

Access a range of both internal and external data relevant to the business you have chosen and to assist you in identifying market trends and development such as changes in technology, demographic trends, economic trends, government activities environmental trends, social and cultural factors and any other relevant trends and developments. The data you access can come from a range of internal and external sources and may include graphs, charts or spreadsheets or any other relevant information.
• Company marketing research report:
The company’s internal data and market knowledge is vital, the most essential data which a a company need is the knowledge of the right product and services that a client needs. Hence time to time market and customer research is required for new item thoughts and in addition expected change in procedures. This sort of data can be costly to assemble

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