Annotated Bibliography : Biometric Gait Recognition

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Among the most recent interesting topics in biometric research,Biometric gait recognition is one. GAIT is a relatively biometric modality which has an important advantage comparing with other modalities, such as iris and voice recognition, in that it can be very effortlessly captured from a distance. While it has recently become an interesting topic in biometric researches, there was little investigation into Spoofing attacks of GAIT where if a person tries to imitate the dressing style or way of walking of someothers. There was an experiment which recently scrutinized for the first time the effects of spoofing attacks upon silhouette based gait biometric systems and prooved that it was very indeed possible to spoof gait biometric systems by dressing impersonation and the deliberate by choosing a target that has a similar build to the attacker.

Introduction: Biometric GAIT recognition means recognizing the people by the way how they walk. And the primary most important thing towards avoiding unauthorized access is user authentication.
User Authentication:
User authentication is the process of verifying claimed identity. Conventionally, user authentication is classified into three different classes:
1. Knowledge - based: The knowledge-based authentication is nothing but something one knows and is featured by secrecy. The examples of knowledge based authentications are the passwords for Computers and PIN codes for Mobile Devices and etc, which we use in our daily life.
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