Apple Incorporated: Company Analysis

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Executive Summary Apple Inc. is a technology company, which designs, produces and sells goods of the Computer, Music and Mobile-phone Industries. It is differentiated by its brand-perception and identification. Over the last couple of years, Apple has become a cult-brand thanks to iTunes, QuickTime and iMaclines. Apple's short-term goals are currently increasing the sales of the just launched iPad (the most innovative web-browser in market). It has a long-run goal of being at the top of the market and becoming number one leader. Some of the well known products from Apple are the iMac, Ipods, iPhones, iPads, iTunes among others (Apple Incorporated, 2012). Internal environment Why Apple is unique Apple is seen as a big corporation with a huge capital base and a corporate culture that is geared towards engineering and is known to minimize bureaucracies as well as amply remunerating their staff. The corporation is predominantly operated by engineers as Apple does not have a lot of product management but small project teams that are driven by engineers, this is one unique aspect of Apple (Business Insider, 2011). The objective of the paper will be to look at the various aspects, ranging from the mission, financial objectives to the market mix that enables the Apple Inc to be a perpetual leader in it field and the drive that keeps it the leader of invention. Market Summary Products of the Apple are seen to be perennially profitable unlike the other competitors
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