Apple Iphone - How It Gained Popularity in the Mass Market.

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Apple iPhone: How it has gained popularity in the mass market. INTRODUCTION This case study examines Apple Inc and aims to deconstruct how Apple has employed a variety of marketing techniques to understand its customers and deliver the iPhone to the global mass market. The iPhone has revolutionised the smartphone market through savvy customer driven product design and effective marketing. Bajarin (2011, p.1) suggests that with the global smartphone category projected to grow at 49.2% over the next five years, Apple faces the challenge of mitigating market share loss in an environment where competitors are now able to offer a comparable operating system in Android. Moreover with Android’s open system which allows it to partner with…show more content…
Based on Porters articulation of three common models used by businesses to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, Apple’s broad, mass market segmentation strategy has been coupled with differentiated target marketing emphasising Apple’s strengths in design, branding and user experience to enable the iPhone to speak to different target markets (Breyfogle 2010, p.2). The product features and benefits vary across iPhone SKU’s and have been highlighted and differentiated to three specific target segments who are recipients of a tailored marketing mix (Sigal 2010, p.1). In targeting segments, Kotler & Keller (2009, p.213) noted that there are two broad groups of variables used for consumer markets. These are descriptive (geographic, demographic and psychographic) and behavioural (benefits sought, usage occasions). Apple has utilised a variety of techniques leveraging these variables to target market different segments to shape its positioning strategy to consumers for the various iPhone SKU’s. The company has employed an approach which collectively considers

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