Apple : The Technologically Advanced, Controversial Company

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Apple: The Technologically Advanced, Controversial Company On April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak invented the technology company, Apple. These two brilliant inventors invented the billionaire company after dropping out of college. Though Apple provides its customers with advanced products, Apple has many controversies that affect its economic stability as well as the company’s reputation.
The Focus of Apple The main focus of Apple’s mission statement is to provide its customers with the most advanced technology. “Microsoft has repeatedly tried to diversify…it be more of a follower” (James 3). Apple creates its products in order to surpass its competitors such as Microsoft. Apple not only wants to beat out its competitor with computers but also mobile devices. “They’re (Apple) happier selling 74.5 million iPhones” (James 3). Apple wants its customers to have a more personal device and be able to use it and love it at the same time. The iPhone is they number one most wanted device but many controversies may prohibit its advancement in the technological world. “Steve would never had made a bigger iPhone” (James 4). Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, created the iPhone 6 which is a larger iPhone and contradicts Steve Jobs’ idea.
The History of Apple Steve wanted the iPhone to remain small but after his death, his ideas were contradicted. The History of Apple explains, more in depth, Jobs’ ideas. Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak created Apple, a futuristic and advanced computer

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