Application Of Knowledge Management At Ho Chi City

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The organization founded in 1994 as a Network Experimenting Laboratory, Tinhvan Technologies Jsc now has six member companies locating in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang city and Japan including the head office in Ha Noi capital. The manner of the business are professional and friendly established by more than 500 experienced, creative, skilled and well-trained staff members. The organization has become one of the best recognized and satisfied brand from its partners and customers in IT field of Vietnam. The fields of operations which bring many prizes and successes to the organization are Software Development, Software Outsourcing, IT & Consulting Services, and Digital Media & Mobile Marketing 1.0 JOB DESCRIPTION & THE ORGANISATION’S BUSINESS PLANS, BUSINESS GOALS, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 1.1 Job description – Knowledge Management (KM) KM department (KMD) is a small group located in the head office. Its functions are to collect, manage and develop all the data, information and knowledge of the organization which will be used to archive more proficiency and effectiveness for the future projects. The job description of KMD’s employees is described in detail as below: • Previous projects: o Collecting all the relevant sources properly. o Understanding clearly about all the information such as the cost, the time and the workload amount of all the projects to ensure the supports for future projects • Current projects: o Joining and cooperating with other groups in the projects o

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