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Abstract— this paper briefly discuss about an often misconception in one of the most-demanding job in software engineering field that is by differentiating between requirement engineers and architects. It is often believed that it’s a mere job title as they perform the same role. Hence we try to overcome this by clearly listing out the differences and explaining their role in the industry. We also talk about various job profiles that sums up in the category of requirement engineers and architects.
Keywords— Requirements Engineering; Compare Analysis; Jobs skills; Responsibilities; Requirement Engineers; Requirements Architects;
A. BackGround
The origin of the term “Software Engineering” is laid back to the late 1960’s
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We start off by describing who are requirements engineers and requirements architects and then examine the following
• What are the roles of each profile?
• What tasks do they perform?
• Any difference and similarities between the profiles.
• Brief look at other profiles with same tasks and roles.
• Conclusions and insights gained from this paper.

A. What is Requirement Engineering?
Requirement engineering is considered to be the most important part for the development of any software. Requirements Engineering (RE) is a set of activities concerned with identifying and communicating the purpose of a software-intensive system, and the contexts in which it will be used. Hence, RE acts as the bridge between the real-world needs of users, customers, and other constituencies affected by a software system, and the capabilities and opportunities afforded by software-intensive technologies.[3]
In simple terms, requirement engineering identifies stakeholder and their needs. In order to build a good software product, documentation of requirements should be done in a crisp and precise manner.
As stakeholder requirements change there are consequent changes in the software system. Hence making documentation to be amendable to analysis and successive implementation.
The term “Requirement Engineering” can be broken into parts and reviewed. ‘Requirements’ brings out the idea of meeting the user expectation in order to create a
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