Artificial Intelligence is the Highest Form of Technology

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Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence “is any intellect that vastly outperforms the best human brains in practically every field” (Bostrom). Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the highest forms of technology that we can create and can benefit the world in many ways if done correctly. The United States need to focus more resources on building this technology because there is no moral issues about building AI; working on it now is much safer than waiting for someone else, another nation or a group of people, to build it incorrectly; and AI can solve many if not all of humanities problems. A big issue that people have with AI is that they see it as a robot that resembles a human like in the movie Terminator or they resemble slaves like in the movie iRobot. What they don’t know is that AI should not have human motives and are willing servants (Bostrom). AI must have three important qualities to be considered AI (Flordi and Sanders 363-370). They must Respond to other living things around it, change itself to according to its own programmed rules(autonomy), and it also must change itself according to the environment around it(adaptability) (Flordi and Sanders 363-370). Just because AI has similar qualities as humans doesn’t specifically mean they have to be built to look like humans do (Bostrom). They could be built to look like a desktop computer or be a box with wheels and arms and it would still be AI. The other problem is that people think AI would have human

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