Asian Population Growth

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Population growth is a problem to the Asian populations health, economy and poverty issues. The one child per family method is an option like what China implemented. Method like birth control programs are also a way to figure out population growth issues. One method that china used in the 1980s was to tell the people that increasing economic growth would help hinder population growth. I dont see how explaining the harms of over population to the public wouldn't be enough for the public to help fix this problem. Spreading awareness about contraceptives and not having such young marriages are also ways to help with this problem.

The one child policy has a lot of exceptions and ethnic minorities do not have to follow this law. Steep fines would be given out to families that broke the law. Also if their first child was a girl they were allowed to have another child. There isn't any exact numbers showing how this law has affected the population growth directly. There's not a lot of ways to fix this problem so I feel like this has to be a positive solution to fixing this problem. The fertility rate in China has fallen from 2.8 births per woman in 1979 to 1.5 in 2010. …show more content…

Than in 2007 67 percent of women between 17 and 45 used contraceptives. So more contraceptive use in Asia would definitely help out with the population problem. Females are actually preferring sterilization with 37 percent of females in India and 28 percent in china. China actually is one of the highest rate for contraceptive use in the world. 84 percent of women who are currently married. Contraceptives has to be one of the best ways to weaken population growth. It is one of the most used methods throughout the world. Condoms and the birth control pill were only 3.7 percent used and 1.3 percent used by women 15-49 years

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