Assignment 1: High School Students Professional Development Plan

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Seniors have much more free time than juniors, sophomores, freshman and so on. Using the 100,000 dollars that was given to the senior class for a senior lounge would be a perfect idea. Seniors are on their last year of high school, and the lounge would be a great place for them to be together for one last year. Also, lots of seniors are in college classes. These classes can be very challenging, and the seniors could work together on their homework and study for upcoming tests in the lounge.

The senior lounge would be a fun and friendly place for seniors to hang out. It would be a very substantial area for the seniors to spend their last year in high school together. With the lounge being in the school, the students can save gas. Instead …show more content…

The high school classes could take a survey on what all they want in the lounge and how it will be decorated. All classes will be able to take the survey because they will all be seniors eventually. After the survey, the principal and superintendent could converse on what all they could afford to put in the lounge and start the design. The project to make the senior lounge would start in the beginning of summer 2017 and be finished before 2017 school year starts. The lounge would be in an empty classroom, which means there will not need to be any extra spending on building a room. All 100,000 dollars can be used for the …show more content…

100,000 dollars is a lot of money to put into one room, and we can't guarantee it will be used to its full extent. The lounge could be poorly taken care of. Some kids could be disrespectful and leave trash laying around. Which could result in people getting kicked out of the lounge. This would defeat the purpose of nobody being excluded. Also, we can't guarantee any studying, or homework will get done in the lounge. Maybe, all they'll want to do is talk and waste time. The lounge will not have a teacher in there for supervision, so it will be up to the students whether they are productive or

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