Assignment 2: Integrating Culture and Diversity in Decision Making: The CEO and Organizational Culture Profile

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The number one philosophy of building a great business is to fill a void. Nick Swinmurn founder did just that in 1999 when he started Inc ( Mr. Swinmurn wanted to start an online store that catered to selling a great selection of shoe after going to a mall and he could not find the shoes he was looking for (Eng 2012; The website was dedicated to the selling of wide variety of brands, colors, sizes, and widths; if you are looking for a shoe chances are has them. There was finally a website customers could go and shop for the best shoes and have no trouble returning the shoes if it did not fit. The website started by Nick Swinmurn going into stores and actually taking pictures of shoes then …show more content…
Due to the fact employees do not have to check with management to in order to help the customers, employee’s are tasked with coming up with out the box ways to provide better customer service (Kopelman at., el 2012; and According to the Kopelman article, “Zappos also encourages employees to respond spontaneously and warmly to customers…One Zappos employee, for example, sent flowers to the funeral of a customer’s husband, an action that was taken without first checking with a supervisor. This gesture purportedly earned the company 30 loyal customers” (Page 67).
Determine the factors that caused the organization to embody this particular culture:
Innovation has been another key component for Inc. The company itself was started by an innovated idea of having a large inventory shoe store online and it has continued to be innovated from offering free shipping to having an intelligent tracking system. Such innovation has been geared towards a productivity-driven practice. Normally inventory is stocked in a warehouse by stacking the shoes with the same brand by each other; however Zappos tracks each pair of shoe allowing for random stacking and saves lots of time (Kopelman at., el, 2012). This means the shoes or products gets to the consumer faster.
Determine what type
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