Attachment In Relationships

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According to Strong et al. (2013), attachment can be defined as a person who has a bond with another person; this type of relationship can be formed during infancy and develop over time. Attachment involves having relations with two people that includes a desire for regular contact and expresses a certain amount of anguish whenever separated. Adults with secure attachments are relatively comfortable with getting close to their significant other and different persons (Strong, Yarber, & Sayad, 2013). They feel well whenever they support their partner/others and are comfortable with helping their partner or individuals throughout life. These particular relationships allow for their partner to feel well connected and secure while allowing them…show more content…
Unrequited love refers to the love that is not reciprocated or understood by the other person in the relationship and therefore is a one-sided affair. This not only affects the person who is in love and was rejected but also the rejecter who declined the love proposal (Yarber & Sayad, 2016). Such kind of love stems from a misunderstanding as the lover feels that the love is mutual whereas the rejecter feels that he/she never gave any positive signals to foster such a relationship. There are also examples wherein lovers may feel good or bad about the failed relationship but the rejecters generally feel annoyed by the experience. Jealousy is another characteristic that is widely witnessed in individuals with an ambivalent or avoidant attachment nature. Since adults in both these categories are unsure about their partners needs and constantly worried about their closeness with them, jealousy is unavoidable and becomes a part of their relationship. Jealousy could occur either because there is a perceived threat from a third person by getting closer with one person or both the partners not spending time with each other (Attridge, 2013). Sometimes, jealousy could have a positive effect as it helps an individual to grab the partner’s attention by getting intimate with a third person. Most of the times, jealousy promotes negativity ultimately leading to a failure in the relationship but this could be averted if couples realize their mistakes and start a new chapter in their relationship. The partner who maintains an intimate relationship with a third person needs to understand the effect it has on the relationship and either abandon the friendship with the third person or have an open talk with the other person about this third person relationship to clear any doubts they have (Yarber
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