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Company History Avon is an American international manufacturer and distributor of beauty and personal care products sold through representatives in over 100 countries across the world. It is the fifth-largest beauty company and second largest direct selling enterprise in the world, with 6 million representatives. History of Avon began in 1886 and the company's founder was a man - David McConnell. Initially it was called California Perfume Company, and it was consisted of only five perfume fragrances. In 1897 David McConnell created a laboratory in Suffern USA. Today, development and improvement of products and cosmetics for skin care, which are sold around the world, take place there. In 1906 Avon printed their very first brochure. By 1928, the name "California Perfume Company" began to seem too local for the company leading trade in 48 states. New product line called Avon was introduced in 1929, and in 1939 the company name was officially changed to Avon Products Inc. In the 50s Avon started to expand internationally by opening a representative office in the UK which was the first in Europe, and after several years Avon launched its activities in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Avon began direct sales in Russia in 1995, and already in 2004, Avon was annually used by over 50 million Russian women. Like many large corporations, Avon places its production capacity worldwide. Avon products are made in the USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia and other

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