Benefits Of A Strong Wellness Program

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There are many benefits to having a strong Wellness Program in the workplace. We can all go round and round as far as what makes the most sense, and the importance of ROI and saving the company money. However, I feel we lose really what is truly important. Our employees their overall health and the importance of work/life balance. Somewhere down the line companies lost this process. If it became about company survival, making money and keeping their heads above water. They soon found while the company may still be surviving, their employees were sinking. This is how and where workplace wellness programs came into play. In the abstract, Do Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs Work? They found that they really do. The point I want to get across is it wasn’t just about the ROI where they saw the positive numbers it was about the positive health outcomes as well.
This I feel is where ROI needs to be changed to Value on investment (VOI) (2). This value is the reduced absenteeism, retention rate, productivity, and employee morale. Value should be our new “hot” term. Companies valuing their employee’s health and wellness, will improve overall morale, productivity, building a strong foundation not only for the company to stand on but their employees themselves’. This is where adding a “Healthy Meals” not only in the cafeteria but “Healthy Meals On The Go”, can help our employees’ lives overall. “Regular healthy eating habits have proven effects for combating disease,

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