Essay on Bill Gates: a Leader in Innovative Technology

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Bill Gates: A Leader in Innovative Technology
Richardo Coccia
Baker College
MGT 451R: Management Styles and Strategies
Tim Martin
July 8, 2008

The Microsoft Corporation has been a giant in the software industry for over three decades. The company’s founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, put together an operating system for the computer world that ultimately captured the attention of every one on earth. However, it was Bill’s pure genius and leadership qualities that took software to a level that was unmatched by anyone. Paul was the mastermind behind the hardware that needed Bill’s software to operate effectively.

Bill Gates: A Leader in Innovative
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They formed what they called the Lakeside Programmers Group (LPG). They would write programs, and read anything they could find on computing. They even started skipping classes and did not turn in their homework or, turned it in late. Unfortunately for Lakeside, they used up all of the computer time the school had raised the money for (Mirick, 1996).
In 1968, Computer Center Corporation (CCC) opened a business in Seattle that offered both, a computer and computing time at reasonable rates. However, their computers seemed to keep catching “bugs”. These bugs would ultimately slow down the computer’s speed and keep it from working properly. Lakeside and CCC reached a deal that would allow Lakeside’s students to use that computer time (Wallace, 1993, p.27). Gates and his friends did not take long to cause problems with this new computer. However, they caused the system to crash several times and destroyed the computer’s security system. The corporation then banned the students for several weeks. The CCC began to suffer financially in the late 1960’s, and the students (LPG) were then hired to find any bugs and expose any weaknesses in the system. The CCC went out of business in 1970. The LPG now had to find a way to get computer time (Wallace, 1993, p.30). In 1971, Gates and Allen decided to start a company called Traf-O-Data. They built a small computer that was used to measure traffic flow. This computer
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