Boundryless Org Essay

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1. Identify some of the problems likely to occur in a boundaryless organization like Newskool Grooves. What are the Advantages of boundaryless organizations?
Some issues that have occurred at the Kiev offices, managers there said that their computer programmers find working with little structure is uncomfortable. They are used to the idea of a strong leadership structure and well-defined work processes.

Trying to reach co-workers in other offices who practice boundaryless organization has become an issue for some managers. They said that when they call the office they say to wait until their meeting day which is an issue because they have an immediate issue and cannot always wait until they decide to get together.

Developers working
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Another conflict will be inefficiency. Yes, different people must perform different tasks in their organization, but Newskool is boundaryless. When Gerd, the founder and the CEO does not satisfy, he asks his employees to redo the work tasks. It will cause a waste in resources as Gerd perceive something differently from his diverse employees. Sometimes, it is good to have hierarchy as people can know who to refer, which department to function and so on.
This conflict is a function of different types of work people have to perform. The employees that are sometimes so dominant and think their works are correct, refuse to listen to Gerd and do things according to their own way.

3. Based on what you know about motivation and personality, what types of people are likely to be satisfied in each area of the company? Use concepts from job characteristics theory and the emerging social relationship perspective on work to describe what might need to change to increase employee satisfaction in all areas.
Types of people are likely to be satisfied are competent, anxious, empowered and open people. This based on self efficacy theory; this theory refers to an individual's belief that he or she is capable of performing task. People who posses self efficiency believe that they are capable in behaving in a way that produce that outcome they want.
In Newskool Groovers, their employees are
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