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Brief Summary of the case Inspired Marketing was founded in 2009 by Sean Malarkey and Lewis Howes in Columbia, Ohio. After an injury in football Howes started focusing his attention on the web. Both founders had strong backgrounds in social median and internet marketing. They discovered the power of webinars early on. Based on Howes experience on Linkin, Howes wrote a book and began selling his digital products. A large amount of time was spend on traveling, selling books, and speaking only to make a few thousand dollars a month. The company needed a marketing tool that would allow them to reach a large population of people in different locations without the high travel costs. This is what motivated Inspired Marketing to create webinars and helped reach people in several areas without the cost of traveling. Initially it started offering free educational webinars on a variety of topics. The firm was able to capitalize on this by reaching mass amounts of people while serving two main objectives. The objectives were to generate leads and sales from the webinars. This resulted in special offers on Twitter and fee-based webinars. The outcome has been remarkable with the first webinar generating $12,500 in sales during 60 minutes. In 2010, Howes did about 300 live webinars. It is speculated that in 2011, Inspired Marketing will reach $2.5 million in sales. The initiation of free webinars have been an effective tool for prospects and driving sales for Inspired Marketing. Most
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