Brownie 127: Kodak Ltd.

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Introduced in the year of 1952, the “Brownie 127” camera was created in England by Eastman Kodak’s Kodak Ltd. With a simple design, and affordable price for the customers and a catchy slogan “You push the button, we do the rest,” the Brownie became popular for amateur photography. This plastic box camera shoots eight 4x6 cm pictures on a 127 film. A 127 film is a rollfilm created for still photography. From the first release of the “Brownie 127”, over a million sold. The first version of the Brownie was made available to the public in February 1900. This camera was a simple cardboard box camera with a lens that took 2 1/4 inch pictures on roll film. At the time this camera made it affordable to everyone for the price of one dollar. This camera
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