Building Brand Equity

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Analysis & Finding

In his CBBE framework, Keller identified 6 key elements needed to build brand equity; Brand Salience, Brand Imagery, Brand Performance, Consumer Feelings & Judgements and Brand Resonance (appendix 7). From the conducted research this report will ascertain the degree to which HTC satisfies each level of Keller’s model.

Brand Identity

According to Keller the first step in ‘building a strong brand’ involves creating ‘brand identity’ (Keller, 2001).
“Achieving the right brand identity involves creating brand salience. Brand salience relates to customer awareness of the brand. Brand awareness refers to customers’ ability to recall and recognise a brand” (Keller, 2001, p.8)

The first two questions asked
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Similarly, majority of respondent also have a positive view on the use of Lenovo is cooperative for office work, internet access, file management, student work and entertainment as rest people have neutral opinion. Thus this indicates that Lenovo have a good brand performance and brand imagery which satisfies customers need in the area that is most important to them which implies that Lenovo convey a stronger brand meaning.

Brand Responses

‘Brand responses’ describe ‘customers response’ towards products with an integral aspect of this being ‘brand judgements and brand feelings’ (Keller, 2001, p13).

The question regarding the overall opinion of Lenovo brand shows 66% liked the brand 18% liking the brand very much and 8% liking extremely whereas 6% disliked the brand and 2% disliked the brand very much.

The Lenovo brand generally satisfies customers as 44% respondents agree but 50% were neutral to this.
58% though Lenovo brand offers good value of money. When more enquired about the brand 54% thought of recommending this brand to other and 22% thought that it is superior to other brands which implies it has a better competitors prevailing in the market. Statements describing the Lenovo laptops as exciting, providing feelings of social approval &
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