Building Maintenance in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, the idea of a specific and systematic facility audit for effectiveness, efficiency and performance is in early stages (Musa, 2012). The awareness level from the society is very low. The costly repairs and maintenance may be done as a routine practices, but when the economy is booming only emergency maintenance and repair is attempted (Musa, 2012). (Zunguzane, Smallwood, & Emuze, 2012) added that, the damages and costly repair works are the causes from the improper building maintenance. This has shown us that the main concern was not executed for the maintenance works for the available facilities in Malaysia. The purpose of building maintenance is essentially to retain its values for investment, aesthetic, safety, durability, with a view to ensuring that the property is fit for its purposes and to the satisfaction of the owner(s)/users (Brennan, 2010). Furthermore, effective, efficient and quality are essential aspects in the building maintenance. The non-perform of the significant aspects caused the failure of a building maintenance. Zunguzane et al., (2012) describe the non-perform of significant aspects caused the dissatisfaction of client and/or building occupants. Moreover, the non-perform of essential aspects can result in delays in building maintenance projects and the need for rework, which can result in a significant financial loss. Effective, efficient and quality focuses on eliminating defects and variations and seeks to avoid waste of time,
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