Bullying Is A Problem That Affects Individuals From Age Groups

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Bullying is a problem that affects individuals from all age groups, but mainly widespread among adolescents. It includes behaviors that focus on making someone else feel insufficient by mocking or harassing them. Bullying involves using physical violence, emotional harassment, and verbally belittling speech. It entails active actions with the intention of ostracizing another person (Howard, Flora & Griffin, 1999). Physical harassment is a form of bullying where the bully attempts to dominate another teenager physically (Stevens, 2010). It consists of punching, kicking, and other physical harmful activities, which are used to introduce fear in the victim and possible coerce them to do something (Howard, Flora & Griffin, 1999). Verbal …show more content…

Then again, experts explain that physical bullying is not as common among teenagers as compared to verbal and emotional harassment.
The focus of bullying of individuals has been a recent pinpoint for researchers in American cultures. Adolescents face bullying on a regular basis as the face the world. The moderate or frequent bullying can be notice in the community, school and home. The bullying of individuals occurs during school term in which they were attending school on a daily basis (Nansel 2001). Researcher suggest that bullying is normally defined as reoccurring behavior consisting of damaging actions (i.e., physical, verbal) focused at a particular peer over-time (Nansel 2001). The knowledge of bullying is on the rise in all areas of the world. The definition of bullying has one impression. An individual who is bullying their peers can become aggressive. When trying to understand the definition of a bully, all literature focused on the interaction an individual faces on a daily basis with their peers. The bully preforms various acts against the individual who become vulnerable and is targeted by many other peers in the school setting. Some acts of bullying can be verbal but can lead to the individual becoming aggressive. For example, threats and name calling embarrasses the individual then once the attack becomes aggressive the

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