Business Analysis: Assignment #1 Industry Essay

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BUSN226 - Marking Rubric – Assignment #1

Your name: ___________________________________________________ Rubric attached to front of assignment | /1 | Cover page and typed page numbers | /1 | Introduction | /4 | Four summaries (if article not different from other group members, summary will not be marked) | /20 | Quote provided within each summary, and proper format for in-text citation appearing after each quote | /8 | RefWorks bibliography, in MLA 7th edition format, showing references for all 4 articles. | /8 | Original articles attached (each article must be different from other group members, otherwise, it will NOT be marked) | /8 | (if submitted after the start of class, -5%, if after class but same day, another 5%,
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Most customers look at the sustainable products and services when making their purchase. Institutional investors such as universities and state pension plans also help push sustainability as they are curious about the performances and what they might be investing their money in.

CAMPBELL SOUP AS A BRAND Investors are noticing the efforts made from Campbell Soup Co. After making the efforts, their net income and market share rose in their forth-fiscal quarter. A Citi analyst feels that in the year 2013, Campbell will have a big year due to their new and improved new products. “Shares of Campbell reached pint unseen since 2010 in pre-market trading, only to fall back later.” (Brown 11-11). However, after the company was taken over two years ago, the company has had a large drop in their income. The CEO of Campbell is focusing on the turnaround of the company by producing and putting new lines of products and expanding their current product into shelves. She is entering into the sector of incorporating fresh foods in packages and targeting on the go and convenient products for the lifestyle
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