Business Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Ifantis

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Ifantis is a Greek company that produces different kinds of food products. It has establishments in different regions of Greece and the Balkans and its biggest and initial factory is located in Athens. (Ifantis, 2016b)
Ifantis was founded in 1980 by Ifantis brothers. Since it was founded, the company has produced numerous food products such as sausages, burgers, pizzas, salads, chicken products, ready meals and Feta cheese. Since its launch, the company’s achievements include the expand in different areas of Greece and Balkans where it produces and distributes its products. Moreover, its products have flavors and ingredient combinations that make them unique. (Ifantis, 2016b)
Ifantis mainly operates in the food industry. Its popularity in Greece …show more content…

The SWOT analysis evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company. It assesses the company’s market, the company itself, the company’s competition and the company’s threats. (Olsen, E, 2010)
Existing Customer Analysis
The existing customers of the Ifantis products are of all ages since the products are addressed to the whole population. They choose the products for the satisfaction they give due to the high quality and flavor and because they satisfy their personal and social needs.
Their buying needs include the need for a meal that is fast and tasty, goes with their lifestyle and is socially accepted. Consumers choose it also for their families since its rich flavor and appealing appearance is desired by all family members; especially for kids where specific products are addressed to (parizaki). Products such as Fouantre are also needed for special occasions and for those who want a special product in their everyday lives. (Suttle, R, n.d.)
The customer of Ifantis is usually the end user, who has the role of the buyer of the household when buying an Ifantis product. The customer often purchases a cold cut product for himself or his friends and

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