Marketing Plan For Multi Products For Packaging

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INTRODUCTION: It is a public limited company and it listed in main stock exchanges of the country. It is engaged to produce paperboards ,paper ,personal hygiene and tissues according to the demand of country. They provide multi products for packaging. They have many diversifications in their product line. It’s the only company which provides the complete packaging facilities for its customers. Their main clients were Uniliver and Tobacco Company that serve them since 50 years. Now it is the current market Leader in the industry. There Global partners were DIC Pakistan Ltd, Packages Lanka (Private Ltd), Packages Construction (private Ltd), Anemone Holdings Ltd Bulleh shah Packaging ltd, IGI insurance Ltd, Tri pack films ltd, IGI investment and IGI life insurance Limited. It’s also having a strong investment portfolio. Many companies are buyers of their products and few companies provide them raw. Their Priority is to provide quality products to their customers and to achieve this purpose they are improving the quality of their product and management decision. They set objectives to improve quality and make proper policies to implement them. The Company is rated by (PACRA) Pakistan credit rating agency limited. Rating as on June 2015: Long –Term AA Short –Term A1+ According to the rating AA means company is having a good capacity to pay Long term Finances and according to A1+ means that company has the ability for

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