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Garden of Hair Growth: Restorative Treatment “The key to stimulating hair growth at an affordable price” Table of Contents Product 3 A. Description and justification of product 4 B. Name and rational for name 4 C. Consumer needs 5 D. Target market segmentation 6 1. Geographic 2. Demographic 3. Psychographics 4. Behavioral E. Product Life Cycle 7 Promotion 9 A. Introductory promotional strategy 10 B. Package design 11 C. Media selection and justification 11 D. Sales promotion 11 E. Strategy to extend life cycle 11 Place/Distribution 12 A. Retail…show more content…
There will be flowers in the garden that are full grown surrounding the woman. Media Selection and Justification I would use television to advertise because it has the most reach and I could actually show my kit, tell how it works, include testimonials, and offer the link to my website. Even though it is expensive, it would be the best way to gain recognition for my product, and also give people the option of going on my website. Sales promotion I would offer free samples of the products for people to try and also offer coupons where consumers can get an additional amount off the original price (Customer Relationship Management). Strategy to extend life cycle/growth plan/creative ideas Adding or updating product features and price promotions to attract customers who use a rival brand. Maybe add a free trial of another product that promotes hair growth to the kit. Place/Distribution Retail locations for product to be sold Only sold in beauty stores ex. Sally's Beauty Supply and retail department store chains ex. Wal-Mart/Kmart Marketing channels of distribution I will purchase the individual products directly from manufacturers and my assemblers will package them together, adding value to the products for the customer because the kit comes to them already

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