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Introduction Chocoberry is an established company that is involved in creating healthy chocolate candies for the health-conscious consumer in ages 25 - 45 in the United States. A business plan to how Chocoberry would be able to distribute the product to the customers has been drafted along with a variety of alternatives to distributing the product to the customer. Another important factor that has been covered is the delivery processes. It should be noted that chocolate candy is being developed by technical departments. The key players involved in the paramount decisions regarding the direction of Chocoberry are Candy Marshall, VP of Marketing; Terry Hersch, VP of New Product Development; and finally, Bill Ferrel, Director of Distribution. One important factor in regards to Chocoberry is that this company has never offered retail chocolate products to consumers. It has been stated that there are logistical considerations – such as the relationships with retail outlets and the variant expedience of the distribution. As an independent consultant, my objective is to create and evaluate this company’s alternatives, provide a report, and even craft at least three possible distribution options for Chocoberry’s new venture.

Business Plan

The business plan for Chocoberry has currently been written in order for Chocoberry to successfully pursue the correct demographic who are likely to purchase the product from Chocoberry. Our specific demographic of customers who are those who

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