Business Plan For Creating A Business Model Essay

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When creating a business model there are ample decisions and choices to make and consider. Those decisions directly correlate to how successful the business can become as well as the effectiveness of the company 's growth. Bad business models can destroy a company and damage its reputation. As consumers, we see this frequently with the weekly closings. Some as brutal as the destruction of Enron, and other company breakdowns as simple as the monthly closings of JCPenney 's which has led to 2,250 layoffs. So consequently, you can observe and benefit from the use of efficient business plans or view and examine the damage and destruction done by inefficient business plans. Through thorough research, we will examine two methods that can help a company achieve a proficient business plan. The use of process selection, and the choices made when implementing your facility layout can directly contribute to the success rate of your business. To begin with the first topic for discussion, we first must properly define process selection. “Process selection refers to the strategic decisions of selecting the kind of production process to have in a manufacturing plant” (Ch. 6 Process Selection and Facility Layout). This method refers to the ways services and goods are made and delivered therefore, influencing multiple aspects of a corporation, including their capacity planning and layout of their facilities. Process selection is used primarily when planning the distribution of new products
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