Business Plan of a Tea Bag

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[pic] Business Plan Of TEA HOUSE [pic] Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology Business Plan Of TEA HOUSE Three in One Tea Bag Prepared For: Mr. Shihub Bin Hossain Lecturer, School of Business Prepared By: Tahia Nawar ID# Ayesha Parven ID# Sharmin Rahman ID# Afrina Islam ID# Course Title: Entrepreneurship Development Course No: BBA 32 Date of Submission: 15 January 2012 Executive Summary TEA HOUSE a start-up company owns by four partners namely Tahia Nawar, Ayesha Parven, Sharmin Rahman and Afrina…show more content…
|11 | |Competition |11-12 | |Estimated Sales |12 | |Development & Production |12 | |Production Process |13 | |Cost of Production & Development |14 | |Labor Requirements |15 | |Expenses & Capital Requirements |15-16 | |Sales & Marketing |16 | |Sales & Marketing Strategy |16 | |Method of Sales

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